she's back

2017-04-25 22:00:44 by Yamelie

Hey im back miss me of course u don't just kidding i don't even know you so anyway im back feeling better im not quitting NG no why would i ever quit but hey im better its just that the reason why i don't post honestly because i got sad issue remember that i said  "i'm gonna be gone for while so i'll be back" and so im back maybe i will post something


Heres my instagram

if you want to

f*ck my life

2017-04-09 18:03:21 by Yamelie

tbh this weekend i have sad issues i have some bad day and bad life because of FUCKING BULLIES sorry if im cursing warning i curse so there noting you can't do about it but fuck my life shit happens and i just gonna cry like a "cry baby" i'm gonna be gone for while so i'll be back.

Hi im back

2017-03-28 15:17:20 by Yamelie

So im here yay good for me and i just got an art style of my own not from any ones but my own not yours if your reading this news im back cause i was offline for like 3 weeks since i start joining this site and i don't even care if your reading this or not but IM BACK for more art that i cloud share my drawings feel free to say something about my art





P.S this is a boring news i know


2017-03-15 20:34:15 by Yamelie

okay soooo i didn't post no shit cause of school. and i HAAAATTTEEE SCHOOOOL so damn much

none of you don't know me i was here before not the first time the why reason why i didn't post no shit cause i need some time of art style of mine i don't steal no ones art i just love being the artist and that all matters i just got worried like what the hells wrong with me i don't know what to do //crying every single day i just get so worried so many damn times and i cloudn't stop it so maybe if i need some more time of my art and then i finally be so happy :'')